Frequently Asked Questions

Below you can find some frequent questions. If you have additional questions that the below doesn’t cover, please click here and contact us today.

How will our meetings with the Firm staff be conducted?

The COVID-19 pandemic changed the way people interact and conduct business, at least temporarily. To afford our staff and our clients the maximum standards of safety, we are currently conducting all client meetings through Zoom® or a similar technology. These video-conferencing solutions allow us to have face-to-face engagement from anywhere, and at any time that is convenient.

My legal matter is not listed on your website. Does this mean you don’t handle my type of case?

Our website lists those practice areas in which we primarily focus. However, we do perform legal work in areas of law not listed, and we have an extensive network of referral attorneys that specialize in any area of law in which your legal needs may fall.

We invite you to call our offices for a consultation, even if your matter is not listed under our practice areas. We will make sure you get the help you need.

Do you charge for a consultation?

We never charge for an initial consultation.  The purpose of the consultation will be to gather the essential facts of your case and to provide a brief overview of the services we can provide. 

Generally, our initial consultation is limited to 30 minutes, which is enough time to evaluate whether or not your case would be a good fit for our firm.  At that first meeting, we will discuss your budget for legal work and our strategy for best addressing your case.

How much will my legal matter cost?

It is impossible to evaluate your matter and the attendant cost in legal fees and expenses without understanding the facts and the law that applies to those facts. While we can give you estimates based on past work we have performed on other matters, each client’s matter is unique and will require its own scope of work.

At your initial consultation, we will try to give you an estimate of anticipated fees and costs, but ultimately your final legal fees can be much greater (and sometimes much less) than quoted.

Do you take cases on contingency?

Generally, no. While there are some areas of law that are conducive to a “contingency” fee arrangement, our work typically demands a “pay as you go” model. We will be happy to discuss our rates with you and the anticipated expense of any matter we might undertake for you at our initial meeting.

Do you take cases on a flat rate?

Yes, sometimes.  There are certain matters that work well under a “flat rate” model, giving you upfront assurances about your legal expenses.  Ultimately, the Firm wants to ensure that you are getting the best representation at a fair, competitive rate.  We will discuss fee amounts and arrangements with you at our initial consultation.

How long will my matter take to complete?

Legal matters run the gambit from an hour or two of time, up to many years. The length of time your matter takes will be dependent on the type of matter you have, the budget for your legal fees, the complexity of your matter, and other factors that are case-specific.

During your initial meeting, we will try to give you some guidelines about how long your matter could take, but you understand that any opinion as to the duration of your matter is just that – an opinion based on the information we have available at that time.

Where are you located? Where do you practice?

Jenkins Law maintains offices in New York City and South Florida. In New York, our offices are located in Midtown near Grand Central Terminal. In Florida, our offices are located in downtown Miami and downtown Fort Lauderdale. From these locations, we practice law in the downstate region of New York and Southeast Florida.