Civil Litigation


At times, the orders and decisions of the trial court must be challenged through an appeals process. Jenkins Law has successfully represented clients on appeal in a number of disputes to ensure that justice is served, the most advantageous outcome possible is achieved and, where necessary, new law is formed to address complex legal issues.

Complex Commercial Litigation

Jenkins Law is at the forefront of the business legal community and has provided representation to numerous companies and their employees across a wide spectrum of industries.

Jenkins Law combines up-to-date legal knowledge, tried and tested litigation expertise, and technological resources to ensure that every dispute is resolved with the best possible outcome. While litigation is always the last resort in resolving controversies, Jenkins Law stands ready to assist its clients through the process of bringing or defending a lawsuit or other dispute resolution action.

Construction Litigation

Jenkins Law has years of experience representing clients in construction-related litigation issues. The Firm represents owners, developers, contractors, vendors, material suppliers, and engineers and architects in a wide range of disputes arising out of construction projects, including commercial buildings, condominiums and cooperatives, rental buildings, and single-family homes.

Our services include drafting and negotiating construction contracts, mechanics liens, construction defect matters; governmental and regulatory issues and other construction-related

Directors and Officers (D&O) and Shareholder/Member Litigation

Jenkins Law represents officers, directors, shareholders and members of LLCs, as well as partners in partnerships, navigate the complex and challenging world of inter-company legal disputes. Our team has successfully represented the individuals that make up a company’s ownership and management structure through a variety of legal disputes. Our services include:

  • Shareholder derivative actions,
  • LLC member disputes,

  • Partnership disputes,
  • Theft of trade secrets,

  • Unfair competition,
  • And many other issues.

International Litigation and Arbitration

In today’s increasingly interconnected world, Jenkins Law has clients as far away as Asia, Europe, South America and beyond. Jenkins Law has successfully represented the interests of foreign entities doing business in the United States. We are adept at handling commerce matters, finance, investments, real estate development, licensing distribution arrangements, and transactions.

Through our referral channels we can also ensure that our clients’ immigration issues are addressed as pertains to their business interests as well.

Probate and Fiduciary Litigation

Jenkins Law handles many matters related to probate, including the probating of estates ranging from simple to the extremely complex. Jenkins Law has also handled a large number of probate-related controversies, including will contests, breaches of fiduciary duty, removal of trustees, reformation of instruments, and other contests based on allegations of lack of capacity and undue influence.