Intellectual Property

Intellectual Property


Jenkins Law advises clients and undertakes the successful completion of a copyright registration, which provides the owner of record protections over intellectual works of art such as music Sound Recordings; Literature; Plays; Movies; Choreography; Photographs; Architecture; Sculptures; Websites; Graphic Designs; Computer Software; and many other artistic works.

Intellectual Property Litigation

Jenkins Law advises clients on a broad range of intellectual property (IP) and technology issues handling complex intellectual property disputes, including those that raise antitrust and competition law issues. The Firm’s litigation work includes enforcing patents, trademarks and other IP rights and defending against claims of infringement.

Internet Law

Internet technology and innovation continues to develop at ever-dizzying speeds. Jenkins Law provides its clients tools and resources to harness the Internet for the success of the company, including:

  • Acceptable Use Policy (“AUP”),
  • Forum Community Guidelines, and Disclaimers;
  • End User License Agreements (“EULAs”), including Mobile Apps made available on iTunes and Google Play;
  • Developer and Development (Software Development and App Development);
  • Software Licenses and Agreements;

  • Web Development and Content Disputes;
  • Website Risk Assessments;
  • Search Engine Optimization (“SEO”) and Search Engine Marketing (“SEM”) Agreements;
  • E-Commerce and Online Transaction Guidance;
  • Content Licensing Agreements.

  • Website Agreements, including Terms of Use (“TOU”),
  • Terms of Service (“TOS”),
  • (AKA: Terms of Service [“TOS”]; Terms and Conditions [“T&C”]),
  • Privacy Policy,
  • Copyright Policy,

Trade Secrets, Restrictive Covenants, and Unfair Competition

Jenkins Law helps clients protect valuable confidential and proprietary trade secret information by advising and drafting numerous agreements and other documents and by enforcing those agreements if necessary through litigation. Whether you are dealing with copyright or trademark infringement, unfair competition from other parties, or competition from previous employees, officers or directors, Jenkins Law can help ensure that your trade secrets are preserved.


Jenkins Law helps businesses legally protect their brands so that other companies do not “infringe” on a company’s branding efforts in a way that causes economic harm. Trademarks and trademark law are used to protect business names, symbols, logos, slogans, and product names.

Trademark Registration will legally help a business differentiate a product or service of one business from another. Registering a trademark is a time-intensive and specialized process. Jenkins Law provides the expertise to ensure a successful registration.